The Gas Boiler That’s Changing the Game

The NTI Tx Trinity is the impressive result of the evolution of high efficiency condensing boilers. With sleek, stain- less steel construction and advanced control options, the Trinity’s innovative design and engineering elegance is unrivaled.

Exclusive features of the boiler include a wall- mount configuration with available floor stand option, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose the best fit for each unique space. From a fully modulating combustion system to advanced integrative controls complete with outdoor reset, low pressure cutoff and an easy programmable display, the Tx Trinity is built for longevity and ease of use. The Trinity Tx’s efficiency is so impressive that you can expect a 40% savings on heating bills and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions!

As is true with most equipment, proper installation of a boiler is paramount. Primary and secondary piping is the key to success with a condensing boiler, and the Burkholder’s technicians are well-versed in this department. While condensing boilers are still a relatively new type of equipment,
history has shown that long-term performance is directly dependent upon quality install
and proper maintenance.