Paws for a Moment: Clean Your HVAC Before Winter

MILEY: Don wants to get the word out about Elek Plumbing’s water treatment installation abilities, and I’m the first to bark to that. Conditioned water leaves my fur naturally clean with a lively sheen, plus it’s soft, silky and easy to groom. If you ask me, the best part is that everyone loves to pet me – what dog wouldn’t love that? But I can’t help but think that people (especially the ladies) would love the improved hair texture and ease of styling that comes with conditioned water. And guys and gals alike will appreciate the reduction of minerals that are harsh on skin. The conditioned water at my house is so great because it’s lacking the minerals, especially iron, that cause hard water. Not only is hard water rough on skin and hair, but it also uses approximately 50-80 percent more soaps and detergents to keep your home clean.

HARLEY: Speaking of cleaning, Bob and his guys are also howling about the importance of cleaning your heating systems before putting them to use. The value of regular maintenance can’t be over exaggerated, but if ever there’s a time to brush up your systems it’s now. Before kicking that oil furnace or boiler into gear, a good thorough cleaning is a must!

Something as simple as a new filter can make all the difference in performance quality and equipment lifespan. Gas systems aren’t off the hook either. When equipment has to work harder to move air through a dirty filter, more stress is placed on the system and its crucial components which can cause overheating and breakdowns. Plus, you’ll be faced with poor air quality and slower heating. Trust me, it’s like my flea medicine, a little preventative care now saves you a whole lot of itching and scratching later.