Paws for a Moment: Winter Weather Does Take a Toll on Homes

Hello friends! Harley and Miley here to welcome you all back for another year of fun with your favorite pawed pals. Sure Bob and Don are the experts when it comes to the technical side of HVAC and plumbing, but we are the voice of the people…the four-legged people, at least. It took longer than usual but freezing temperatures are finally here. Winter weather does take a toll on homes, so please remember these important tips to keep your family both comfy and protected.

One way to prevent pipes from freezing is by sealing gaps in your home’s foundation. You can also wrap pipes in insulation sleeves, or even keep your lower cabinets open to let warm air circulate—just be sure to hide the treats! Pipes are also at risk for bursting so let water drip from the faucet in the bitter cold to reduce pressure. Heating system maintenance is also super important in the winter to catch potentially dangerous leaks. Carbon monoxide detectors should be tested annually and replaced every five to seven years to ensure effectiveness.

Just remember that when it comes to our owners, maintenance contracts are always your first-class ticket to VIP priority service and discounted rates. If you’re not already covered by a contract, give the guys a call or visit their websites to learn more. Paws down, it’s the way to go!