Live the Sweet Life with Softer Water

From shinier silverware and glasses to smoother hair and skin, water softeners leave lasting im-pressions from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between.

Elek Plumbing now has one of the best residential softening devices in its lineup, the Master MP-MCA Series. Utilizing one of the most efficient and rugged softening resins available, the residential Master water softener provides unparalleled performance. With its trademarked Vortech smart tank technology, the Master provides a greener solution thanks to higher service flow and reduced water drainage. That translates to money savings through decreased water and salt usage. In fact, the Master uses roughly two-thirds less salt than most units on the market, which means less buying and carrying of those 50-pound salt bags.

With additional features like a factory-programmed control valve and an optional regeneration timer, the Master water softener is also one of the most user-friendly models available. Plus, it’s a system you can trust built on reliability and sold with a 12 year warranty. Installation is simple and the Elek Plumbing team is well-equipped to fit the Master into nearly any existing residential water system. Check out the back of the newsletter for coupons and then call Elek Plumbing for your install!