Gotta Get a Granby

Named “Winning Product” in the forced-air heating and air conditioning devices category at the 2013 MCEE (Canada’s largest profession-al expo), the Conforto KLC is the pinnacle of performance and efficiency. By reducing oil consumption by as much as 40 per-cent, the furnace can effectively decrease a home’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 3,000 pounds in just one year! That’s hundreds of dollars in savings on your energy bill.

Efficiency features aside, the Conforto KLC is also an industry innovation in power, durability and design. With stainless steel construction, sleek European design and a high-efficiency ECM blower motor, this Granby furnace is not only great looking but also easier to install and service than any of its competitors. Perhaps most importantly, the robust and durable combustion chamber provides more even and balanced temperature in the home, keeping your family cozy in each and every room. To learn more about the benefits the KLC can bring to your home offer, call Burkholders at (610) 816-6889!