What Is Industrial Ventilation?

When your Lehigh Valley, PA, business needs better airflow, industrial ventilation is a wise decision. Stagnant air is uncomfortable, and it can lead to increased employee illnesses, excessive wear and tear on equipment, and a range of other issues. Here’s what you need to know about industrial ventilation and its benefits.

Defining Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation refers to equipment that exhausts contaminated, hot, or stale air and brings in fresh, clean, filtered outdoor air. This type of ventilation is used to maintain control over the indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality. The equipment provides active or mechanical ventilation in a controlled manner.

Types of Industrial Ventilation Equipment

There are three main components of an industrial ventilation system. These are fans, vents, and ducts. Most of the time, the fans are located at or near the building’s roof. Ducts transport the indoor air to vents, and the fans displace the indoor air, pushing it outdoors. The fans also create a pressure gradient that brings outdoor air into the structure. Some types of industrial ventilation include local exhaust fans, exhaust stacks, energy recovery ventilators, and smart ventilation. Smart ventilation systems use software and algorithms to control airflow, exchange, filtration, and fan speed.

Benefits of Installing Industrial Ventilation Systems

Breathing contaminated air contributes to employee illness and absenteeism. When the air in your building is filled with particles, those particles can affect the efficiency and the performance of equipment. Sensitive equipment, including electronics, may have shorter lifespans if they are exposed to high particulate or humidity levels. Improving your building’s ventilation keeps workers and guests more comfortable, healthier, and safer while they work.

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