4 Signs of an Improperly Sized HVAC System

It’s essential that a newly installed HVAC system be correctly sized to the structure it is being installed in. If improperly sized, you’ll notice a number of potential symptoms that are all very bad for your system and wallet. The following four symptoms may be indicative of an improperly sized system.

1. Cycling On and Off Often

If your heating and air system is cycling on and off often, this could be a sign of an improperly sized system. This can be a sign that the system is oversized for the space it’s serving. This is not only bad for your system and its parts but also generates a much higher energy bill.

2. System Rarely Stops Running

When an HVAC system that’s too small or otherwise underpowered is installed, the result can be a constant need for the system to run. This is because the system can never quite get to the temperature setting that you’ve requested of it, so it works continuously to try to reach it. This will also cause lots of additional wear and tear for the system as well as significantly increased energy costs.

3. Some Rooms Are Never Comfortable

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some areas of your home are never as comfortable as you’d like. Your system runs plenty, but certain areas cannot reach the temperatures that the rest of the structure reaches after some system runtime. While there can be numerous causes for this particular issue, an undersized system is certainly suspect to cause this problem, as it is unable to provide enough air to those additional branches of the home.

4. Extraordinary Energy Bills

The most obvious sign of a system that is the wrong size for your commercial building is that of an extraordinarily high energy bill. If your system uses electricity, this bill will be much higher than it needs to be due to one of the three above-mentioned situations. Likewise, over-consumption of natural gas, heating oil, or propane will also result when one of these types of fuel-fed systems is improperly sized for your structure.

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