Steps to Super Cool Your Home

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The idea to super cool your home involves understanding your energy consumption and energy-use patterns in order to lower your power bill. APS has reliable data about the preferred time-of-day when it’s optimally cost-effective to cool your home. In other words, you can super cool your house by switching on your AC system – HVACs are responsible for about 70 percent of your overall summer usage − to the time of day when energy rates are relatively low. You can achieve this by programming your thermostat way down overnight and throughout the entire morning, and back up when power rates go down again so as to use cheaper power in cooling your house.

When it is hot outside, especially during summer, and the heat keeps seeping into your home, it can get sticky and very uncomfortable. If you have air conditioning, you can blast it and create a wintry environment in your house. There are several ways you can use your AC more efficiently. And, if you want to save some quick bucks in energy bills, you should follow these steps to super cool your home.

1. Open Windows/Blinds

When the sun goes down at night, you should pop the windows open. This is recommendable for people who live in areas where it’s substantially cool at night. The cool air will replace the warm air in your house, refreshing the air in your living spaces. You can also utilize fans to create tunnels of cool air coming into your house. Keep your blinds closed during the day to reduce the inlet of hot heat into your home, which is usually a result of the greenhouse effect. You can focus on the south and west-facing windows if it becomes too hot.

2. Turn Off Appliances

Appliances throw off heat when running. Therefore, you should consider doing certain chores such as laundry at night and using the washer or dryer when it is cool outside. Clean the dryer vent regularly to ensure it runs quicker cycles. Skip the grill or using the oven during the day when it is very hot. If you have to use the stove, ensure your fan is on to improve airflow, especially if it vents to the exterior.

3. Improve AC Efficiency

Maximize the cooling of your AC by installing a programmable thermostat instead of wasting time fiddling with the temperature all the time. Experiment with different temperature settings until you find the most comfortable setting that is efficient enough for your AC. Change your AC filters every 4-6 weeks, especially during the months when you’re experiencing the heaviest use. A dirty filter blocks airflow and reduces air quality. It is prudent to have your air conditioner inspected and repaired because a faulty AC is generally less efficient.

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