Unmatched Service in Action: The Burkholder’s HVAC and ArtsQuest Partnership Story

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In the world of commercial HVAC maintenance, the partnership between Burkholder’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and ArtsQuest is a shining example of exceptional service, technical expertise and client satisfaction. Since their collaboration began five years ago, Burkholder’s has been delivering regular maintenance and on-demand services to ArtsQuest, adeptly managing complex HVAC requirements in time-sensitive situations for large-scale operations.

The Beginning of a Synergistic Relationship

ArtsQuest’s journey with Burkholder’s HVAC started in 2019 amidst challenges with their previous HVAC service provider. Steve Ott, Vice President of Operations and External Projects at ArtsQuest, recounts, “We were stumbling through things with our previous partner, and they had dissolved their commercial business.” This situation nudged ArtsQuest towards a competitive bidding process in search of a new, reliable HVAC partner. Burkholder’s HVAC distinguished themselves, winning ArtsQuest’s trust with an impressive bid and smooth transition, underpinned by strong existing relationships.

Comprehensive Services and Exceptional Responsiveness

Chris Weibel, Account Manager at Burkholder’s HVAC, vividly described the initial state of ArtsQuest’s HVAC systems, plagued with a range of issues from failing motors to leaking equipment and dirty filters. Weibel pointed out the overwhelming nature of maintaining such a large and sprawling facility. According to Weibel, Burkholder’s intervention has been transformative, ensuring the equipment is not only clean but operates with high efficiency.

ArtsQuest’s vast array of facilities, which include boilers, rooftop units and split systems, now thrive under Burkholder’s diligent care. Ott emphasized, “Everything that goes into HVAC, they handle for us.” Their comprehensive service maintenance, offered bi-annually and on-demand, has been particularly crucial during major events like Musikfest.

Cost-Effectiveness and Advanced Solutions

The collaboration has brought more than just reliable service; it has also led to significant cost savings, crucial for a non-profit organization like ArtsQuest. Ott stressed the financial benefits of working with Burkholder’s HVAC. The preventative maintenance agreements, in particular, have been a source of substantial savings, helping avoid expensive overtime and irregular business charges.

Moreover, Burkholder’s expertise extends beyond basic maintenance. They have effectively managed ArtsQuest’s building automation systems, adding another layer of efficiency and comfort. Weibel proudly stated, “We’ve been able to bring in our preferred vendors to manage their building automation system, which means they only have to work with Burkholder’s to get all of their needs covered.”

Expertise on Demand: Burkholder’s Clear Edge

A critical aspect of Burkholder’s success lies in their local knowledge and responsiveness. Ott praises this local insight, “Having that relationship, and the crew of guys who know what they’re working with when they come on site… is second to none.” This local expertise proves indispensable for ArtsQuest, a bustling hub of constant events and potential last-minute emergencies.

“We had our rooftop unit go down during Musikfest,” recalled Ott. “It was a Saturday night and we had a show in the cafe – we knew we were going to be packed. Burkholder’s had someone out to address the issue right away, and within an hour, they had the unit up and running for us – just in time for that evening’s performance.”

Ott noted that a regional HVAC company just wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of time-sensitive issue, and that the benefit of working with Burkholder’s is that you get the manpower and expertise of a larger regional company with the knowledge and responsiveness of a Lehigh Valley-run business. 

Beyond Business: A Model of Effective Collaboration

The partnership between Burkholder’s HVAC and ArtsQuest transcends a typical business relationship. It’s a testament to how local knowledge, coupled with responsive service and technical acumen, can revolutionize commercial HVAC services in Lehigh Valley. This example demonstrates the profound impact a dedicated service provider can have on operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.