Does a Furnace Really Need Annual Maintenance?

September 20, 2017

It’s a fair question. Between health insurance, car insurance, electricity, water, phone bills, mortgage payments, groceries, gas, and everything else we must buy, is it necessary to have HVAC equipment maintained every year? Trust us, annual maintenance is extremely important...

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The Benefits of ENERGY STAR® Rated HVAC Products

August 22, 2017

When it comes time to replace HVAC equipment, you’ll come across many products that are marked with the ENERGY STAR label. You may be wondering what exactly is ENERGY STAR rated equipment? How will it benefit you? Where can you...

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Noises Your AC Makes and What They May Mean

August 2, 2017

Today’s air conditioners are built to be quieter than ever. High-efficiency units incorporate sound-dampening technology and variable speed compressors to keep noise levels low.  So, ignoring odd noises your AC makes can turn minor issues to into a major expense....

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Why Tune Up your AC?

July 8, 2017

Summers here average in the steamy mid-90s. Ouch. When the summer temperatures rise in the Lehigh Valley, it’s important that your cooling system is working optimally. It’s proven that regular tune-ups of your AC unit will maintain it right near...

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AC Troubleshooting: Short Cycling

July 5, 2017

When an air conditioner cycles on and off every few minutes, it is called short cycling. This is a common problem that will harm your system by putting excess wear and tear on it leading to frequent breakdowns and repairs....

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