Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces provide impressive results with a few simple but critical components. Oil is delivered to a storage tank, usually proactively by the oil company based on past usage. It’s then directed to the burner, which turns the oil into a mist that combusts. These gasses then flow through a heat exchanger and the heat enters the central airflow, while the gasses are eliminated through a flue.

Oil burners were invented over a hundred years ago, but oil furnaces are still one of the most effective heating methods and new technologies have made them even more efficient. A modern system running at peak performance can be rated up to 86% annual fuel utilization efficiency, but an old unmaintained system would be lucky to have 60% efficiency.  If you have an older furnace that is still reliable but decreasingly efficient, there are replacement options that can help. A new oil burner will be able to mix the oil and air more effectively and emit a more compact flame, earning you anywhere from 10-20% efficiency.

Most HVAC equipment calls for annual inspections and cleanings, but this is especially necessary for oil furnaces. Because this maintenance is something you cannot afford to overlook, Burkholder’s offers residential and commercial service agreements. These plans ensure that your system receives the yearly proactive maintenance required to keep you comfortable and safe- at a discounted rate. Oil furnace maintenance is a specialized task, and our NATE certified technicians know how to keep your system running right. We’ll inspect your tank, piping and tubing for leaks; clean, check and adjust your burner; replace or clean air filters and perform critical safety checks. To learn more about our service offering click here or call us at (610) 816-6889.